Gambit Chess Club

Let's play together

there is an opportunity to play chess, win diplomas, medals, cups and prizes;

we organize regular chess competitions in the club;

we conduct chess lessons online;

Our chess club regularly hosts tournaments, events for pensioners, children's competitions, sessions of simultaneous play with the strongest grandmasters. Follow the schedule and choose the competitions that interest you. For those who have played for a long time and have forgotten everything, as well as for those who never knew how, we offer training. We also hold corporate events on chess topics in our club.

Ability to think logically. Analysis and planning.

Excellent memory training. Concentration and attention.

Development of will and character. Development of goal-directed skills.

The ability to think systematically and outside the norm. Development of the ability to learn.

Chess set - No. 5 (handmade with the autograph of world champions)

Technical data:

A folding wooden board with a special insert for storing figures.

Size: 47 cm by 47 cm.

The material is maple, the cells are veneered with birch and mahogany.

Cell size: 5 by 5 cm

The figures are natural wood (ash).

King height: 9.5 cm.

Pawn height: 4.5 cm

Demonstration chessboard No. 3

Technical data:

cell size 85 mm;

board size: 770x780 mm, folded 770x390 mm;

weight: 4.0 kg.

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